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Why Ethicool, why now?

After the horrific Australian bushfires in the summer of 2019 and 2020, we, as parents of two preschoolers, stood back and thought this is not the future we want for our children.  Fleeing from our campsite in the Great Alpine National Park, we felt a sense a dread - will smoke-choked cities, burnt national treasures, and a constant feeling of fear and anxiety be what our children have to look forward to now? 

We were terrified but at the same time, we felt utterly powerless to help. But we do all we an, we thought. We vote. We recycle. We donate. But it's not even scratching the surface of what needs to be done.

But then, as the apocalyptic-looking sun rose and we watched in horror as the towns of our childhood were razed to the ground, we realised we weren't powerless. We looked into our kids' eyes and we realised that as parents, we had the greatest power of all. We had the power of words; we could give our children the power of knowing. Knowing the challenges they'd face...and understanding they could change it all. 

Worldwide, education, in preschools and schools, on the world's big issues are skint at best, non-exist at most. Yet as research shows, our children are facing an unprecedented future where issues such as climate change, environmental degradation, and inequality will not only impact their future, but hamper it. 

We wanted to inspire a generation of little superheros who knew that the future was in their hands - literally. We wanted them to understand what the issues are, and to start taking actions to combat them, today. We wanted to do so through the timeless medium of books because, honestly, what better way? A generation who goes to bed every night thinking about how they'll create change will be a generation who will grow up to do just that. 

As any parent will know that our children are cleverer and more perceptive than we give them credit for. Research also shows that in a child's first one thousand days, they learn the values, ideas and habits they'll keep for life. Is there anything more valuable to teach them than how to change the world? 

Join our global movement of #ethicoolkids and inspire the next generation to learn, understand and create meaningful and lasting change. 

The future's in their hands.



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