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Welcome to the 2022 Bee 🐝 Ethicool Author Competition

Bring your publishing dreams to life

June, 2022 entries have closed!

We're incredibly excited to announce that our winner is Laura Wippell, with her story, Feeling Hopeful.

The 2022 Bee 🐝 Ethicool Author Competition

We’re buzzing with excitement to invite all current and aspiring children’s book authors to enter our 2022 Bee Ethicool Author Competition.

After an incredible first year (where thousands of authors entered and we published the absolutely stunning But Why? from first-time author, Elizabeth Pulsford) we can't wait to give authors everywhere a chance to bring their masterpiece to life through our brand. 

As you likely know, here at Ethicool, we do things a bit differently. So instead of just having any old competition, we are giving authors both a theme to work with, and also an absolutely amazing illustration to incorporate (from the ever-talented Stella Mongodi).

If you win, you’ll get the pleasure of working with Stella to create the rest of your book, plus a whole host of other benefits! 

Are you ready? Here’s how the competition will work, and how to enter...

1. Consider the theme

The idea your book will explore...

Here at Ethicool, we love to make our books both meaningful and gorgeous, and the story we’re looking for for this competition is no different. This year’s theme is: 

Education equality and the importance of reading. 

Your story needs to relate to this idea (in some way, shape, or form).

Feel free to use your creativity here!

2. Marvel at the art

The image to inspire your work...

We’ve got an absolutely gorgeous spread by award-winning artist, Stella Mongodi. 

One of the pages in your story will need to accommodate this spread. 

Here it is (CLICK HERE)!

(You can also see it in the banner at the top of this very page).

3. Write your story

The part where you get creative...

What magic can you create?

Write a story that aligns to the theme and the illustration spread, and if you’re lucky, you’ll be able to work with Stella to create the rest.

Remember, we strictly don't accept manuscripts longer than ~1,000 words (they're just too long for our target audience of little "readers").

4. Submit your manuscript

The important part...

Create your manuscript, ensuring that you follow our general Submission Guidelines. Then, simply send it to: with the email title:

Bee Ethicool Author Competition: <insert your story name>

Our editorial team will be madly refreshing their screens waiting for your masterpiece!

Submit it before the deadline (May 29, 2022) for consideration.

REMEMBER! Don't forget to ensure you've read the competition Terms and Conditions below.

5. Shortlist and votes

The showdown...

After we announce our shortlist of three manuscripts, we'll put some excerpts of them up for a public vote, letting our readers decide which one they love the most.

Yes, it's very non-traditional, but WE are very non-traditional!

Competition FAQs

Unfortunately, no. You can only submit one entry, so make sure it counts!

They're our standard terms and you can find them HERE.

Of course not! We're glad you're back for another try.

We will share these details with the shortlisted group of authors. Rest assured, though, that our offer is on par (or above) market rates.

Yes, with no exceptions.

Yes. We support you taking whatever proactive steps you think are best to ensure your story is the absolute best it can be. 

Ethicool offers a number of different manuscript assessments, and you are also welcome to seek outside counsel from experienced editors or industry groups.

CONGRATULATIONS! Get support behind your entry by creating a video, pitching your local newspaper, getting a book blogger to chat to you … the world is your oyster. The more potential votes you get, the more your chance of winning!

We hate letting authors down and it will be hard enough that we have to do this, so no, we won’t be making this public.

No, they've had their good fortune already.

The finer details

1. Who can enter?

Anyone! We highly encourage aspiring authors from diverse backgrounds to apply. Please note all manuscripts must be written in English.

2. When does the competition open and close?

Competition dates below: 

Competition opens: April 10, 2022

Competition closes: Midnight May 29, 2922

Shortlist announced: June 19, 2022

Voting closes: June 30, 2022

Winner announced: July 4, 2022

Late entries will not be accepted, so please submit on time.

Book release date: May 2023

Have you got our next bestseller?

We can't wait to read it!

Submit here