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Children's Book Manuscript Assessments

Aspiring authors, we hear you... It's extremely competitive here in the publishing world. Every year, we receive thousands of manuscripts and unfortunately, we can only select a few to bring to life. Now, though, we're making this process altogether more personal, proactive, and supportive, by offering genuine, 1:1 manuscript support via our editorial team.

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Getting a head start

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Manuscript Asessment Overview

So, in this crazy world of publishing, how do you get ahead and ensure that your book is as close to publishing standard as possible? 

The team at Ethicool is extremely excited to introduce our Children's Book Manuscript Assessments. Each assessment is designed to help your manuscript be the best it can be, and give you handy hints for your future works. 

Our assessments take three forms, "Brief", "In-Depth", and for the children's book author who really wants to get noticed, "Full".

You can read more below to learn which option best meets your needs.

Brief Manuscript Assessment

What is it?


We'll get you one step closer to being published with a brief manuscript assessment. 

Ethicool's editorial team will review your manuscript, and provide you with the following: 

> A one-page summary of feedback, highlighting the strengths of your story and where it might need to be improved

> General editing notes

> A recommendation for Ethicool's coveted "Action Page" 

The review will also include a 15-minute conversation with Ethicool's Editor to explain your feedback in more detail. 

Cost:  $189

In-Depth Manuscript Assessment

What is it?


Let's analyse your story in detail and ensure every element of it is as close to publishing standard as possible.

Ethicool's editorial team will review your manuscript, and provide you with a two-page summary of feedback, highlighting:

> The strengths of your story

> Plot issues or what could be done better

> An assessment of your character development, with tips for improvement

> Any issues with point of view, pacing, writing style or dialogue, with suggestions for improvement.

> A recommendation for Ethicool's coveted "Action Page."

> A rating on the potential of the story to be published with Ethicool.

The review will also include a 30-minute conversation with Ethicool's Editor to explain your feedback in more detail and answer any questions. 

Cost:  $279

Full Manuscript Assessment

What is it?


For the writer who truly wants their story to be the next bestseller, our Full Manuscript Assessment ensures that your manuscript not only reaches, but exceeds, its potential.

Note:This assessment includes everything in our in-depth assessment PLUS a follow up review. Authors find this service extremely useful, as they want to ensure that when they resubmit their manuscript, the revised story is of the highest possible standard.

Our full assessment includes:

> An in-depth assessment of your story that includes a two-page summary of feedback as well as a line-edited version of your manuscript (see the In-Depth Manuscript Assessment for exactly what is included here).

> A 30-minute Zoom meeting with one of our editors to clarify feedback and to ask any questions.

> A follow-up brief assessment of your revised manuscript that includes a one-page summary of feedback.

> A further 15-minute follow-up Zoom meeting with one of our editors to review your revised story and make any final suggestions.

Cost: $399

How does it work?

In order to book in your Manuscript Assessment, please do the following: 

Email your manuscript as a Word document to Ethicool’s editorial team on

Please note that all manuscripts must be 1000 words or less, as per our publishing guidelines.

One of our two editors, Leanne or Lauren, will invite you to book in your review time, as well as send you payment processing details. 

Want to know more? See you in-depth FAQs right here!

We’re so excited to help you make your stories the best they can be!

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Our Manuscript Assessments have led to several authors being successfully signed, both with other publishing houses and with Ethicool.

Leanne was amazing to deal with. Her feedback is well thought-out and comprehensive. Her knowledge of writing, structure and rythm is incredible.

Venita ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Aspiring Author

Leanne’s direction and careful consideration of my manuscripts has helped me to reshape my stories and unlock much more of their potential.
Leanne’s in-depth feedback was clear, concise and challenging in the best possible way. Leanne helped me to review aspects of my stories I would not have thought of on my own.
I thoroughly enjoyed working with Leanne who, on top of everything else, was absolutely lovely to meet!

Carolyn ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Ethicool Author