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Amazing gift

I am sending Remembering Mother Nature to my granddaughters in London and I know they will love it!
It really speaks in terms that are very clear and easily followed.
I just love the illustrations - magical.

What a beautiful book- the story and the illustrations!

The book talks about the beauty of diversity in such a magical way! My 18month old is too young to fully understand this important concept but the illustrations has her hooked to the book already! Strongly recommend this for every kid's book collection. Looking forward to reading more from this author.

Love the characters

Watermelon Pip is a beautiful book with wonderful characters and a lovely message. I look forward to reading it to my grandchildren ❤️

This book is sweet and delicious. Just like Watermolon Pip.

Beautiful book

Watermelon Pip is a beautiful picture book with an important message. I cant wait to read it to my kindergarten class. The story is fun and meaningful and the illustrations are colourful and eye-catching.

Our kids adore Pip

Not only is this a charming story with beautiful illustrations and an important message, but perhaps most importantly Watermelon Pip has also become an instant favourite with our three kids (age 1-5). We've had to read it before bed every night since it arrived, not that we are complaining! It's a wonderful book.

Engaging, powerful & eye catching

This book was a massive hit with my own young children, but even with my grade 5/6s, they were mesmerised by the illustrations and loved predicting where the story would go! We had great chats about where fruit etc comes from, but also about being great greedy. I love this story so so much- a keeper for home and the classroom!

Grandkids love it

My two grandkids aged 2 and 4 love this book. They love the colourful illustrations, but in the future I am hoping to tell them about the deeper meaning.

Every child needs this

For too long, we haven't had these conversations. A perfect concept, a great story, amazing illustrations, thank you Ethicool.

Uplifting story with great illustrations

This book is a masterpiece, beautiful illustrations and a cute story. Will be a keeper.


What a beautiful and uplifting story of hope and and the positive potential of humanity. Particularly loved the animal illustrations in this one too.

Inspirational and heartwarming

We love Sampson C. Turtle and the advice this beautiful character offers. Friendship is highlighted as integral to combating anxiety in this inspirational and heartwarming tale.

I am a child care educator. I reed the book for our groop time and children and i love the book. We are trying to bring awarenes how to look after our environment and this book is fantastic book for it.

Remembering Mother Nature

Loved the set of books and they arrived quickly.


Love the ideas and illustrations !

Remembering Mother Nature

This is a beautiful book, with a wonderful message for kids about the environment.


Bought for my granddaughter for when the inevitable happens !

The Animal Lover's Bundle

Nature Bundle

Beautiful and meaningful
Love Mother Nature

Uncle Marlow's Machine

Uncle Marlow's Machine tackles the tricky subject of renewable energy, and allows children to imagine ways they can help make a difference by making informed decisions now and into the future. My girls and I enjoyed this book very much, and thank you for another special addition to our home library.

A beautiful book which my grand daughter loves.


Beautiful book love the story line and so do my grandchildren


A beautiful book.

Samson, C. Turtle

Very clever to get the message across to children when they are feeling anxious or unhappy.