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Just Like Me

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Do you want to raise a child that makes friends the world over, regardless of their differences? A child that knows it's our unique traits that make us so special? Well, then, this gorgeous book is just for you.   

A precious little book about friendship and equality.

Recommended ages: for 0 - 4yrs old

Author: Disha Bose O'Shea

Illustrator: Eva Rodriguez

What is this picture book about? 

When Polar Bear wanders out onto the ice to play, she spots a rather strange looking bear. Patchy and blotchy, and shivering cold, this bear looks oh so lost among the freezing ice!

She is the same size as little Polar Bear, furry like Polar Bear, and yet she's also completely different.

Well, then, thinks Polar Bear, what a perfect recipe for fun and friendship - and so begins their incredibly cute adventure!

An excerpt from the story

Mama! I made a new friend today and she's unlike me in every way.

I wanted to share my lunch with her, but it's not fish that she prefers!

Then I wanted to roll in the snow, but she said, "Hmm, it's cold - I don't know."

And when she growls, you will agree, she really doesn't sound at all like me. Can two bears so different be friends and play? Wait! Listen to what else she did today.

Mama, you should see how my new friend climbs trees. She has an extra toe to snap bamboos with ease.

And when we talked, we just couldn't stop, and she didn't care that I couldn't reach the treetop.

She's not like me but we're also the same. We can roll and growl, hunt and play games.

Mama, I made a friend with a good heart,

And, that mama, is my favourite part!

From the author, Disha Bose O'Shea: why do we need a kids’ book about equality?

Have you ever noticed how young children will happily play with just about anyone? How they can form friendships easily, without judgement or prejudice? It's beautiful to watch, isn't it?

At some point in their development, though, many children form views that certain people should be treated differently; that their skin colour, their gender, or the way they speak or act, somehow makes them awkward or different in a negative way. 

Just Like Me is the story that helps little ones celebrate their differences, value their unique traits, and champion equality for all.

We write about equality, because we care about equality

We create gorgeous children’s books with a message. But when we produce them, we also send a message. 

The overwhelming majority of the world’s children’s books are produced in high-polluting factories, with non-recycled paper and petroleum-based ink, which is terrible for the environment. Here at Ethicool, we knew that wasn’t an option for us - we couldn’t very well contribute to the problem we were trying to solve. That’s why Ethicool books are printed on recycled papers, using soy-based, environmentally safe inks. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Yasmine O'Brien
Beautiful thoughtful books

As a teacher I can use the concepts in the books as a springboard for deeper conversations and inquiry. Thank you Ethicool

Gorgeous Book Little Kids Will Love

My daughter loves this book. The dream like illustrations and conversation provoking story make this book a winner.

Kerry Horvat
Just Like Me

Beautifully written, beautifully illustrated. A sweet story about acceptance. A story my grandson can grow up with and cherish.

Danielle Ryan
My baby daughter loves this book

Such lovely illustrations with a lovely message.

Tracy Fuller
Just Like Me

Beautifully illustrated and a wonderful story, my children love it.

Proma R
Wonderful book for early readers and young citizens of the world

Just Like Me is set in the cold, but makes you feel warm to the core with a friendship based on mutual respect, good communication and appreciation of differences as well as similarities. This is a wonderful book with a beautiful message, an easy to read story, and bright, fun illustrations which will keep the whole range of the youngest of readers entertained. I am so excited to be giving this book as a gift to all the young readers I know!

Katharine Star
Lovely story, lovely lesson

An accessible, charming book that teaches the reader how good it can be to embrace differences. The characters show respect for those differences by honoring boundries and communicating their own; a message of respect as part of acceptance is an important one that's refreshing to see in a children's story.

Rajanigandha Koshe
A beautiful way to start your child's lifetime journey with books

This is such a wonderful book a very clever way to introduce the concept of inclusion. Characters, colors and relationships portrayed in this book are so beautiful and mesmerizing. This is my niece's fav book and has to be read atleast once a day.

Wonderful book

This is a wonderful book with beautiful colourful images. The Author simplifies the message of diversity very cleverly. I highly recommend this book for young children.

Virginia Goldman

Just Like Me

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