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The Day We Went to Away

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Not all is what it seems in the dystopian world of "Away." Why? Because it's where all of our things go when we throw them away. 

The Day We Went to Away is a magical, but profound wake-up call for all of us. 

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Recommended ages: for 0 - 8yrs old

Author: Stuart French

Illustrator: Madison Pollard

What is this picture book about? 

When we throw things "Away", just where do they go? Haven't you ever wondered if there is, in fact, a place called Away

Oh, yes, we can tell you - there certainly is! Join us in this captivating children's adventure book, supported by the mind-bendingly beautiful illustrations of Madison Pollard, as we follow one little girl's boundless journey to the distant land of Away.

Journey through the gorgeous wilds of the most hidden corners of our planet, in search of the shaded world of Away, where things are not quite what they seem...

"Imaginative, dreamy, and adventurous, while also being an eye-opening introduction to environmentalism and sustainability." The Children's Book Review

Who is this book for?

Adventure-lovers chasing a children’s book about protecting the planet's resources, as well as its most special places, will be immediately drawn to this gorgeous story. Even if you'd rather cosy-up by the open fire at home, than rug-up near the campfire on your adventure holiday, you'll still be able to bathe in the beautifully rhyming prose and endearing illustrations of this one of a kind picture book.

An excerpt from the story

"Oh, do you know, this place called Away, this place we throw things when they’ve no home to stay? Do you know where it is, this place so far, beyond the light’s reach and the furthest star?

Away, they call it, but no one’s ever been; its mountains, its colours, I’ve so far not seen. Who does live there and what do they know? Do they collect all the things that people throw? Are the mountains made of toys and trash, or are all things recycled and not piled in a stash?

Oh, when can we go to this place called Away, I’ve lent it many things but not learned where they stay? Are the beaches made of plastics and steel, or is the waste cleared away so that nature’s still real?

Tell me, then, why we throw things away? I’m not so sure of the place these things stay. I think it’s a dream, I don’t think it’s real; I know it’s a lie that I won’t conceal.

Oh, join me, then, we’re going Away. Over the hills and deep into days. Through dark forests and trees that sway. Beyond the beauty, and into the grey..."

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Karen Hendriks
The Day We Went Away by Stuart French and Madison Pollard

The text in Away is both lyrical and powerful. It gets the reader to think and care about their world. The message is strong, we can all be mindful and careful about what we throw away, reuse and buy. There is no magic place over the rainbow where discarded things go. One day, perhaps they won't be hidden from sight unless we change what we do.
The text has a Dr Seuss like feel as it questions the reader and gets them to think about the answers. The double page spread illustrations with their varying perspectives and dark backgrounds add multiple layers of meaning to the text. They portray the contrasts of dark and gloomy and natural and beautiful.
This is a book that can appeal to any age and can easily sit upon any home, school or library shelf.

Rethink consumption - a book for all ages

This great little book asks us to rethink 'throwing something away.' There really is no 'away.' We must reduce our consumption, and then reuse, recycle and repurpose all that we can.

Angela Samuels
Excellent little book

This is a great present for my grandson:) thanks

Natalie Kefford
Out of sight, out of mind

Not quite with this book. A great story about our rubbish.


Absolutely amazing and beautifully written. Have recommended to school library.

Belinda Christie

Just wonderful

Mena Defazio

Absolutely beautiful ❤️
I love it
I haven't given it away yet
I kept them both for myself for now
Thank you so much ❣️❣️❣️

Maree Peloura
Just lovely!

A precious book for my grandson who is obsessed with rubbish trucks - now he can really learn where they go. Fast shipping, too! Thank you!!!

Michelle Mitchell

Love the fact that it is aimed at younger children!

Denise Barker
Thank you

I’m waiting patiently as this COVID situation has put all kinds of restrictions on mail and Australia Post at the moment, including these lovely books. Can’t wait for them to catch up. Thank you 😊

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