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Five things kids can do about climate change

Welcome to our Kids Can Do series. You’re never too small to make a difference, so here we’ll highlight all the ways kids can make a positive change in the world. 

So, you’ve certainly heard about climate change and you’re no doubt worried for the future of our planet. You’ve also probably heard that to make real change, you might need to buy some pretty expensive stuff, such as solar panels or an electric car.

While those things do help, you’re in luck! We’ve compiled five things you can do to stop climate change right now that don’t require you to break a cent out of your piggybank. And if you’re speedy, you can do them all in less than half an hour!

Here are 5 things all kids can do to stop climate change: 

1. Get the facts 

There’s lots of information and opinions circulating when it comes to climate change, so the very first thing you need to do is get the facts. Whenever you’re reading about climate change, ask yourself these important questions:

Is the person writing this information qualified? For example, a climate scientist writing about climate change is qualified. Someone who hasn’t completed a science-based education may not be.
What are this person’s motives? Fossil fuels are a profitable industry, and some people are motivated to protect it. Does this person have a reason to want to protect a certain industry?
Where is this information coming from? If your information is coming from a body that relies on scientific evidence and methods, they are more likely to be trustworthy.

To get the facts about climate change, head to a national scientific body such as the Climate Council. Or if you’re after a simplified version, we’ve prepared a two minute explainer here .

2. Tell a friend 

Scientists have unanimously told us that we need to act now to stop climate change. But to do so, we need everyone to get onboard with the science and push for change.

Do you have a friend that doesn’t know about climate change? Take some time today to talk to them about it. Tell them why it matters to you, and make it personal. Maybe someone you know was affected by the Australian bushfires? Perhaps you’ve gone overseas and seen the devastating effect of plastic pollution?

Every single additional person who is on board with wanting to stop climate change is one step closer to us doing it.

3. Walk or ride 

The exhaust fumes from cars contributes 18% of all greenhouse gas emissions, meaning that driving is definitely heating our planet. If you’re heading out today, can you get to where you’re going in a way other than driving?

Walking and riding are great for your health, and great for the planet, so why not give them a try.

4. Use less energy 

There’s many sources of renewable, clean energy, such as solar panels and wind farms. But until we’ve fully transitioned to those, we all need to do our bit to use less energy. Currently, we burn fossil fuels to create the electricity we use.

But using less is easy (and cheaper!). Whenever you’re at home, try to:

- Switch off lights and appliances when you’re not using them
- Dry your clothes outside or on an airer
- If you’re replacing anything, encourage your parents to choose energy-efficient appliances.

5. Write to your local politician 

Too young to vote? Don’t worry! You’re never too young to write to your local politician. The more our politicians hear from us, the more likely they’ll raise issues and take the actions we need to reduce climate change.

If you live in Australia, you can find out who your current member of parliament is here.

Climate change is frightening. But together, we can fight out. You’re never too young to make a difference.


Have you read our latest kids' book about climate change? Check it out here!



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