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Children’s Bedtime Story Books

Ethicool is passionate about sharing amazing bedtime story books with children of all ages. We want to inspire, nurture, guide and prepare young minds as they branch out and explore the world around them. Our unique selection will leave you and your special little someone spoilt for choice when it comes to bedtime reading and spending time together. Instill a love of the written word early and watch as an inquisitiveness grows within your child. Browse online today or contact us to find out more about what we have to offer.

The power of reading

Reading is a powerful tool that can transform lives. Whether you read to your child out loud or they read for themselves, sharing this magical artform during formative periods of development is so important and can help to shape many skills going forward. That’s why we recommend all parents bring exciting and fun stories of adventure, friendship and deeper meaning into their home for kids of all ages. 

About Ethicool 

We want to encourage children to read at a young age and we want to do this in exciting ways. Husband and wife team Stuart French and Teigan Margetts established Ethicool Books as a means to share their writing and that of other talented authors with young readers all across the world. But what makes their offerings so special is that each one combines the glitter, color and finesse of a traditional book with messaging related to the challenges that are present today. Whether it’s about gender equality, climate change, ocean waste or anything else, know that you’ll always be able to find something amazing at Ethicool Books.    

Speak to us about kids’ bedtime books 

If you’d like to purchase wonderful kids bedtime books, then shop online with Ethicool. We’re proud of the fantastic selection that we have put together and know that you will love everything about the stories that are waiting to be discovered.

Browse our website for further inspiration or contact a friendly member of the team to find out more. We’re happy to answer any questions that you may have. All of our books are proudly printed and distributed using plant-based inks and sustainable practices. Enjoy a 7-day return policy on all online purchases.       

We can also help if you’re looking for environmental books for kids or character building children’s books. Shop with Ethicool Books today.