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Books That Build Character

We have a wonderful selection of children’s books that are great for character building. Ethicool is passionate about motivating kids to read at a young age and we do so in a way that is fun and exciting. All of our books boast the color, glitter and finesse of traditional stories but speak to a deeper meaning too. Whether it’s about building character and sense of self, protecting the environment or thinking about social issues, know that we have the perfect something to captivate curious minds and cultivate learning on a deeper level. Ethicool books entertain, educate and encourage children to take action on the world’s big issues. Browse our entire catalogue or contact us directly to find out more. 

Character building children's books

Ethicool understands the challenges that children face and that’s why we have written so many truly amazing character building books. With natural disasters, social tensions and personal struggles becoming increasingly prevalent, there’s never been a more important time to build emotionally strong and confident kids. With this in mind, our stories share challenges and triumphs that speak to character and teach young people how to interact in the world while maintaining important values. With fantastic visuals and simple, easy to read words, your kids will become lost in the adventures that await them and will learn the value of treating others with respect and kindness at all times. 

The story behind Ethicool

Ethicool Books was born out of a desire to share with children the importance of learning about the big issues of life in a fun and nurturing way. Founders Stuart French and Teigan Margetts wanted to help guide growing minds with amazing writing and captivating images so key messages could be conveyed to the younger generations. Today, this husband and wife duo supply some of the most sought-after books available that both you and your little ones will truly love. Look to us for titles such as Uncles Marlow’s Machine, Simon and the Sad Salad, Mother Nature and more. 

Shop online with us

If you want to purchase character building children’s books, then shop online with Ethicool. We know you’ll be more than impressed by what we have to offer and the special stories that are waiting to be found. 

We can also help with children’s bedtime story books and children’s adventure books. Feel free to contact our friendly team to find out more.